A series of sermons which is currently underway. Sermons will be added when available.

Series Theme:

This series looks at the doctrines of Scripture while following the outline of the Heidelberg Catechism.

This catechism is divided into 52 Lord’s Days as it was intended for one Catechism Lord’s Day section to be covered each Sunday in the worship of the congregation.

The first question and answer deals with the theme of what is our only comfort in life and death. The answer given centres on the fact of ‘belonging to Christ’. It is this focus that provides the title for this sermon series.

Series Content

Comforted even when Life is Pear Shaped
(Heidelberg Catechism)
LD 1  QA 1

Belonging to Christ
(Heidelberg Catechism)
LD 17  QA 45

Christ’s Promised Spirit WITHIN Us
(Heidelberg Catechism)
LD 20  QA 53

Sacraments (1)
God’s Object Lessons of Assurance and Comfort in Christ
(Lord’s Day 25)

Sacraments (2)
Spiritual Nourishment in full Relationship with Christ
(Lord’s Day 28)

Sacraments (4)
Irreconcilable Differences – The Mass and the Lord’s Supper
(Lord’s Day 30a)

Sacraments (3)
Lord’s Supper.. Who May Come?
(Lord’s Day 30b)