Series Theme:

For many FREEDOM is the freedom of choice. Many women claim they alone have the FREEDOM to choose whether to abort a child in pregnancy, some even claiming that right even days before birth is due. They claim they have freedom over their own bodies. A similar claim is made by those who do not wish to be vaccinated, they alone will decide what goes into their body, their choice represents freedom to them…. a freedom tennis champion Novak Djokovic held tightly to, even at the cost of playing at the Australian Open in 2022 and losing the opportunity to become the greatest champion of all at that time.

With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the cry for FREEDOM is loudest. Their president and people claim they will fight to the bitter end, they will not surrender and be subjugated by the enemy. They will fight for their FREEDOM with all they have.


In this series we explore what the Bible has to say about freedom and how it is to be exercised.

This is an important exploration for Scripture makes clear there are those who think they are free yet are in fact enslaved to a way of life that leads to death. We also see in Scripture there are those imprisoned who in spite of their deprivations, were free.

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(Freedom (9) Freedom to Go Forth in Jesus’ Name