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A rural outreach of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia


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A gathering of people worshiping and working together for the spiritual and social welfare of rural communities to the glory of God

What's New

Tuesday, 07 June 2016

Home page with link to latest newsletter has been updated

Tuesday, June 7th  2016

Sermon resources for 'Peace, Be Strong Now' are now available.

So far this includes PDF sermon outline and MP3 audio recording


New sermon resources just added for "Lord Grant us Wisdom' and 'Justification by Faith Alone in Christ Alone'

These include MP3 audio files, PDF sermon outlines and links to our Youtube channel where you van access free HD video recordings.

Sunday, November 15th  2015

Final sermon of the 'Marriage Lived out of the Grace of God' series is now available.

'The Woman who Pleases the Lord' portrays what the Bible teaches about the use of those gifts God has given to women both within the home and in the market place.

Sunday, November 1st  2015

New sermon 'Lord Grant us Wisdom'.

PDF sermon outline and MP3 audio recording are now available for thos sermon preached in Wongan Hills on Sunday, September 27th.

Sunday, September 20th  2015

'Reconciliation with God - the World's Greatest Need' sermon resources now available.

This sermon recognizes the great needs that confront us in the world (refugee migrations, poverty, sex slavery, domestic violence etc., yet reveals while these are great needs they are not the world's greatest need.

Reconciliation with God is that need the Church must never lose sight of and ensure it remains God's herald of the Gospel.


Sermon resources for the next two sermons of our 'Christian Marriage Lived out of the Grace of God'

These include PDF sermon outline, audio recording and YouTube video. Just select the link you want below..

02 Setting the Right Tone

03 Continuing the Right Tone

Sunday, September 20th  2015

All sermon resources for first sermon in new series 'Christian Marriage Lived out of the Grace of God'

This includes PDF sermon outline, MP3 audio recording and link to our Youtube channel for a HD video recording.

 'Christian Marriage Lived out of the Grace of God' is the introductory sermon for this series.

Sunday, August 16th  2015

HD Video recording now available on Youtube for last of the sermons of the 'Introducing Jesus' series..

'Emmanuel - Christ to the Church' covers the well known passage of John's Gospel 1:14-18

Sunday, August 2nd  2015

Main news on the home page has been updated.

This provides an overview of the progress of this mission over the past three months.


Sermon resources for the lst sermon in the 'Introducing Jesus' series have begun to be loaded up to our site.

PDF sermon outline and MP3 audio recording are now ready for download for the sermon 'Emmanuel - Christ to the World through the Church'.

Sunday, July 19th  2015

Missing 7th sermon audio recording of the 'Essential Pillars of the Gospel' series is now available on the sermon page.

'How Essential is It that Jesus Reigns as King?'

Saturday, July 18th  2015

Combined Churches service at Wongan Hills on Sunday, May 31st.

Pentecost Sermon: 'God's Spirit- Transforming God's People from Within'

Resources available include...PDF sermon outline, MP3 audio recording and HD video recording on our YouTube channel


7th sermon of the 'Introducing Jesus' series now has all resources available... MP3 audio recording, PDF sermon outline and HD video recording on our Youtube channel.

'Jesus the True Light of the World who Alone makes us the Children of God' was preached at Dalwallinu Baptist Church.


Missing MP3 audio recording for 6th sermon of 'Essential Pillars of the Gospel' now available.

This pillar is that of the bodily resurrection of Jesus.... "The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus - Another Essential Pillar of the Gospel' is available from the sermon or audio recordings pages.

unday, June 14th  2015

6th sermon of the 'Introducing Jesus' series... 'The Only True Light Rejected by His Own' is also now available as a PDF sermon outline or MP3 recording.


'Humanity's Rejection of the One true Light' sermon resources now available.

These include PDF sermon outline and MP3 audio recording.

This is the 5th sermon in the series 'Introducing Jesus'

Sunday, May 17th  2015

The 4th sermon in the series 'Introducing Jesus' now has PDF sermon outline, MP3 sermon audio recording and link to HD vidoe recording on our Youtube Channel available.

'Jesus: The ONLY True Light of the World' continues our journey in understanding who Jesus is and what makes Him alone the only means God has provided for the world to be saved from His wrath against our rebellion.

Sunday, May 3rd  2015


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