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A rural outreach of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia


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A gathering of people worshiping and working together for the spiritual and social welfare of rural communities to the glory of God


Visitor's Thoughts

The messages below were sent by people who have shared how the Lord has used this mission to reach out to them through His Word and Spirit and touch their lives in ways that have been a blessing.

We ask that as you read these messages, you do not do so as commercial testimonials of a product. These visitors have kindly agreed to their experience of this mission being posted and we ask that you do at least the following in prayer:


Give thanks to the Lord that through His Word and Spirit He has touched these people in His grace and mercy

Pray for these people and others like them as to the needs they have shared.

Seek from the Lord that He will continue to work through this mission and others like it, to reach out with the Gospel and 
        reach people wherever they are in the world and all the many circumstances of life.

Shellie (Australia)

"It's Shellie.....

Thanks for your msg, it was a great sermon. I have been in the mothers room at church these last few mth and it's hard to concentrate on the msg when u only hear it, there is also a new mother who asks me many questions during so it has almost turned into a ministry explaining and showing her where the pastor is referring to in the bible. It was nice to listen and watch a sermon for myself.

I often feel like a stranger in this world cause I have been a full time stay at home mum these last five yrs which is very hard in this feminist time. 

So just wanted to encourage u, I will b watching yr msg from Sydney
God bless and keep u both,



Cara (USA)

Hello, Pastor.

My little miracle baby was stillborn on Christmas eve, 2012. I am awake having a sudden attack of grief, and am alone since my wonderful husband has to get up very very early tomorrow for work. I began looking for scriptural comfort and found your message on youtube.

I attend a reformed Presbyterian church in Kansas, United States. I have had great comfort and teaching from our church; but your words were a comforting refresher, put in such a way as to help me calm down. I just wanted to thank you.

Fascinating how I could receive scriptures and words of comfort from a pastor on the other side of the world. The Body is amazing.

I sent you a friend request, but I respectfully understand if nothing is to be served by us being facebook friends! Gratefully, in Christ,


 In an further message Cara wrote

I thought how correct you were when you said in your sermon that these types of loss happen all too often. It is so sad but true. I didn't realize how common umbilical cord stillbirths were, although I did know the commonality of miscarriages (no less tragic). After mine, people came out of the woodwork to say it had happened to them.

I am deeply grateful that you sought out to comfort and teach in light of this horrible circumstance. It is not often discussed in such open terms. And I appreciate the successful effort to guide and teach in tandem with comfort. So many leaders (luckily not at my church) shy away from the gentle teaching in tough circumstances.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I am grateful! I can't wait until my husband is home from work today so I can share your sermon with him.


Gratefully, Cara