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A gathering of people worshiping and working together for the spiritual and social welfare of rural communities to the glory of God



Friday, 05 April 2013


Prayer Points

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   Click here for Part 2 of the first Newsletter for 2013. (posted Friday March 8th  2013)

   Click here for Part 1 of the first Newsletter for 2013.

This first part cover the developments in the work in Dalwallinu and outlines the goals for 2013 which we hope to achieve by God's grace and blessing.

Thursday, February 28th 2012



Prayer Points


  • We have a great start to the year in Dalwallinu
  • Invite to teach Scripture in the school from term 1
  • Approach from the community to start a youth group
  • Positive meeting with the WCF and Baptist leadership to discuss children's and youth ministries
  • The opportunities to build bridges with people outside the church


  • God's blessing for the unchurched  contacts being made in the caravan park and via the visitations
  • That the 'meet you Scripture teacher' events will be used of God to build effective relationship bridges
  • Wisdom and boldness for the Baptist leadership as they consider the challenge of a diverse congregation
  • A good start to the small group fellowships to begin after Easter







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